2020 Fort Snelling State Park Photo Contest

Congratulations to all the winners. Photos were judged in the following categories:

Fauna (wildlife)

  1. Judy Collopy

  2. John Arthur Anderson

  3. Judy Collopy

Flora (landscape, flowers, trails, trees, people, structures...)

  1. Ali Plevell

  2. John Plut

  3. Christa Rittberg


  1. Lou Plevell

  2. John Plut

  3. Deb Johnson

Fun (abstract/photoshop/composite/in-camera artistic filters...also photos that have been digitally altered beyond standard optimization (removal of dust, cropping, sharpening, reasonable adjustments to exposure, color, and contrast etc...)

  1. Ali Plevell

  2. Ali Plevell

  3. Judy Collopy

2020 FSSP Contest Winners

2020 Interclub Competition Results

The results for the 2020 Interclub Competition were announced!

Please go to the Camera Council page for complete details


J. Arthur Anderson - Monochrome and Color Prints of the Year and Awards

Tom Moehn - Realistic Runner-up Image of the Year, Awards and Honorable Mention

Eileen Matro - Honorable Mention Digital Contemporary Category.

Jane Stonich - Honorable Mention Digital Nature Category.

Acceptance Ribbons: J. Arthur Anderson, Eileen Matro, Tom Moehn, Ali Plevell, Lou Plevell, Mark Stonich, Al Whitaker

Awards slide show listing all awards is now posted to YouTube.

Accepted slide show includes all accepted photos.

2018 FSSPCC Photo Contest entries

2018 FSSP Contest

The contest was open to photographers of all skill levels and up to three submissions per photographer could be entered. The subject must have been taken in the Fort Snelling State Park.

There were four categories and People's Choice:

Flora Category Winners:

  • 1st Place Steve Schmalowsky

  • 2nd Place Jane Stonich

  • 3rd Place Steve Schmalowsky

Fauna Category Winners:

  • 1st Place Chao Wang

  • 2nd Place Justin Purden

  • 3rd Place Mark Stonich

Macro Category Winners:

  • 1st Place Elizabeth Heeren

  • 2nd Place Gary Dukes

  • 3rd Place Elijah Johnson

Photoshop/paintbrush/abstract Category Winners:

  • 1st Place Dan Dreher

  • 2nd Place Deb Johnson

  • 3rd Place Lori Tews

People's Choice:

  • 1st Place Chao Wang

  • 2nd Place Justin Purden

  • 3rd Place Jeanna Walseth

2017 Photo Contest entries

2016 Photo Contest Entries

Flora Category

2016 Photo Contest