FSSP Camera Club

FSSP Camera Club

Welcome to the Fort Snelling State Park Camera Club (FSSPCC) website.

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Join us at our next Club Meeting:

Date: Saturday, 11 Sep. Possible Zoom, please see emails for more info.

Location: Virtual meeting via Zoom (please send email to fsspcameraclub@gmail.com to request link)

August Challenge: "“Capture a task that is too laborious.” Something you don’t enjoy doing!

Ongoing Challenge: "Photo Editing Challenge"

2021 Interclub Competition Results

The results for the 2021 Interclub Competition were announced!

Please go to the Camera Council page for complete details


Digital Contemporary:

Harbinger in the Moonlight 2nd J. Arthur Anderson

Clash Award J. Arthur Anderson

Affect On Us GF Award Tom Moehn

GMC - Wild at Heart Acceptance J. Arthur Anderson

Capturing the Moon Acceptance Tom Moehn

Planet Hollywood Acceptance Al Whitaker

Digital Monochrome:

Shredding the Double Bass-2 Award Al Whitaker

57 Bel Air Honorable Mention Al Whitaker

Minnehaha and Lake Liquors Acceptance J. Arthur Anderson

Ranch Hand Acceptance J. Arthur Anderson

On The Edge Acceptance Tom Moehn

Oak on the Mississippi Acceptance Mark Stonich

Rue Solitaire Acceptance Al Whitaker

Sorcerer's Cottage Acceptance Al Whitaker


Fuchsia Honorable Mention Al Whitaker

Butting Heads Acceptance J. Arthur Anderson

Air Attack Acceptance Tom Moehn

Fridged Badlands Morning Acceptance Tom Moehn

Yellow-rumpled Warbler and Berry Acceptance Janet Peterson

Hungry Hummingbird Acceptance Mark Stonich

Snowy Owl Acceptance Mark Stonich


Taiga Focused Honorable Mention Tom Moehn

Queen's Hamlet Honorable Mention Al Whitaker

Badlands at Dusk Acceptance J. Arthur Anderson

Cactus Flower Acceptance J. Arthur Anderson

Cup And Saucer Flower Acceptance Eileen Matro

Neowise Leaving The Galaxy Acceptance Tom Moehn

2020 FSSP Contest Winners

2020 Fort Snelling State Park Photo Contest

Congratulations to all the winners. Photos were judged in the following categories:

Fauna (wildlife)

  1. Judy Collopy

  2. John Arthur Anderson

  3. Judy Collopy

Flora (landscape, flowers, trails, trees, people, structures...)

  1. Ali Plevell

  2. John Plut

  3. Christa Rittberg


  1. Lou Plevell

  2. John Plut

  3. Deb Johnson

Fun (abstract/photoshop/composite/in-camera artistic filters...also photos that have been digitally altered beyond standard optimization (removal of dust, cropping, sharpening, reasonable adjustments to exposure, color, and contrast etc...)

  1. Ali Plevell

  2. Ali Plevell

  3. Judy Collopy

2020 FSSP photo contes

FSSPCC generally meets the first Saturday of the month, 9 a.m. at:

Fort Snelling State Park - Thomas C. Savage Visitor Center

101 Snelling Lake Road

St. Paul, MN 55111

For directions, please see our Contact Us page or visit the park website

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